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Bienvenidos, Willkommen, Welcome you are reading about Pink Valley!

We are a three-member, Chilean-German performance collective that takes on the encounters, boundaries and coincidences of life and thus illuminates questions on humanity and cultural identity. The group largely works with the means of post-dramatic theater and builds on scenically staged and biographical elements, works site-specific and interactively with the audience and draws its aesthetics from the interdisciplinary. 

In collaboration with other artists we develop, write and produce progressive performance pieces that operate at the interface of fiction and reality, as well as structure and improvisation. We use our sense of humor, our understanding of memory and our approach to straightforward expression, to invite the audience to reflect on our magical, minimal and quite witty humanness. We regard the performative moment as a timeless space in which collisions, discoveries and transformations take place.


18.01. – 19.01.019 // 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Festival de Teatro international SANTIAGOOFF / Pink Valley: Zivilisierte Länder

Lugar: Centro Cultural Estación Mapocho – Nave Central
Evento: Santiagooff

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Die Frage aller Fragen auf eine wirkungsvolle Art und Weise gestellt.

aus dem Gästebuch
von Kadri Myliß

Who is Pink Valley?

Leicy Valenzuela

Leicy Valenzuela (Chile) is an actress and theatre pedagogue (Udk) in Berlin. In Santiago de Chile she was part of the ensemble at the National Theatre for two years and has worked as an actress at various institutions in countries such as Chile, Peru, Germany and India. Since 2012 she lives in Berlin, where she worked with Gob Squad (My Square Lady), Rimini Protokoll (Adolph Hitler: Mein Kampf, Band 1 & 2 / App Recuerdos), and Constanza Macras (Electrodomestics). She has worked as a theatre pedagogue for the Jugendtheaterbüro, Theater X (GOT) and as a performance coach for the Junges Deutsches Theater (Unart). She regularly teaches projects and workshops at schools and cultural institutions. Leicy has been a founding member of the performance collective Pink Valley since 2010, where she works as artistic director and performer.

Valeria Germain

Valeria Germain (Chile) is an actress and theatre teacher in Berlin and Chile. In Santiago she played for seven years with the ensemble of the National Theatre in countries like Colombia, Peru and Germany. In Berlin she completed a directing hospitanz at the Volksbühne under René Pollesch (Kill your Darlings) and with the group Gob Squad she worked from 2011 to 2012 as assistant director (Are You With Us? / We Are Gob Squad and So Are You / The Conversationalist / Dancing About). From 2011 to 2014, Valeria was a member of the performance collective 77 Stolen Fish and in 2016, together with Carmen Meinhof, staged the play Relincho. In 2010 she founded the performance collective Pink Valley with Leicy Valenzuela, where she has been artistic director and performer ever since and which she currently represents and promotes in South America.


Nina Behrendt

Nina Behrendt (Germany) has a academic background in Performance Studies and works as a theatre pedagogue (Udk) and performer in Berlin. As an assistant director she worked at the Junges Deutsches Theater with Jessica Glause (Katzelmacher) and Uta Plate (Hier.Stehe.Ich), where she also serves as a theatre pedagogue (Big Sis is Watching You!) and performance coach (Unart). At the youth art school ATRIUM she is director of the theatre group DramArt in its third year of production and at schools and cultural institutions she regularly leads workshops and project weeks for children, teenagers and teachers. Nina joined the Pink Valley collective in 2015, where she has been artistic director and performer ever since.